Hello, I’m Aurélie, a front-end developer based in Toronto, Canada.

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PSD to responsive design

HTML5 - CSS3 - Sass - Responsive Design

Based on a provided PSD, Agency is a fully responsive single page website for a pretend client.


JavaScript App

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript & jQuery - API

This website is using three different AJAX calls to display the current weather in your area and gives the user travel options depending on the temperature they choose.


jQuery Interactive Website

HTML5 - CSS3 - Sass - JavaScript & jQuery - Pair Programming

This project generates different love notes depending on the user preferences.


Multi-page PSD

HTML5 - CSS3 - Sass - Responsive Design

The OAK is a fully responsive website that reproduces a multi-page design provided in a PSD form.



HTML5 - CSS3 - Sass - Chart.js - JavaScript

The challenge of the project was to create a Chart that updates depending on the user interaction.

I love creating simple and easy to use responsive websites. I am focused on details to ensure the best experience possible.

Hi, I am Aurelie Dufour, I am a front-end web developer based in Toronto. I am a graduate from the HackerYou Bootcamp (yeah!). I am originally from France. I love learning new skills, I thrive working with a team, and be part of a creative environment.

I previously worked in customer service departments for cultural venues that taught me to provide excellent customer service and manage my time efficiently, while working in a fast-paced environment.

Don’t be shy, just say hi.

If you would like to get in touch, or to collaborate, contact me using the form on the left, or drop me a email at hello@aureliedufour.com